Video files of two of my rap free styles, followed by my subsequently written lyrics:

Don't hate, berate, deflate, deviate, agitate, aggravate, irritate, instigate, or retaliate, instead dissociate,
meditate, and contemplate, to sedate and dissipate a state of mind that is irate, so we can tolerate and appreciate, then sublimate and transmutate to reallocate all of that weight, venerate and emulate those who elucidate, facilitate, create, and educate to demonstrate what to communicate, illustrate, advocate, and emanate, be cause it's never too late to elevate, regenerate, and reco-ordinate so we can better relate and create a happier fate for a future date... even if it's agonizing it's better than criticizing others, it can be mesmerizing and hypnotizing realizing that they are sizing us up in the same exact way, so why bother condemning or opposing any one any way? is what I say, instead let's choose the path up above, and a way from wrath, where the language to speak is math (and other abstract symbolisms) please don't try to confuse me with any more divisive "ism"s... I think I'd rather admire the rainbows emanating from the sides of prisms, and please don't suggest that any one should perpetrate any sociopathic actions, haven't we allready got too many extremist factions sabotaging our interpersonal interactions?

It's all good in the hood when it's understood:
You don't have to be a gangster or a "peckerwood"
Just do what you should and you'll know how it could
Be so nice like apple and spice... I've said it once, do I have to say it twice?
I hope not be cause I'm bored, not adored, my team always scored
This cities been toured, I was floored by a sword so now I'll just "cut the cord"
Be cause I feel like I've been gored like a bull fighter in a ring, I know I'm not a king
Cause I don't have the "bling" but I do know one thing: that I can all ways sing
My words will never sting, I promise that I won't ever suddenly fly away like a bird up on a wing
And if I can some day may be I will buy you a ring,
Un till then all I know for sure: is that to you I'll always cling,
And I'll do my best to bring, you things like: flowers
(I wish I had magic powers) but even if I did I'd still never rain nuclear showers
Down upon my enemies, I'd never force them to their knees,
I just do my best to be nice and always say:"thank you" and "please"
So that's all I have to say but I'll say it ten times and I'll say it every day,
Be cause I can rhyme faster than I can speak
It's so very fast I was once falsely accused of using "tweak"
But I wouldn't touch that stuff be cause I think it's really weak
And if she wants me to I'll record seven new singles every week.

Love is the greatest medicine there is
It makes one forget the pain that is his,
Love illuminates the space shared with others
Its energy is the power that makes women good mothers,
It is the feeling that turns enemies into brothers
And let's us all know how beautiful life can be,
Love gives us new eyes so that we can see
One another for who we really are,
Love is so much better than a big, shiny car.

I want to write the sweetest verses with no curses to cheer up all of the new mothers and nurses,
To help create a world in which we don't have to anticipate the arrival of any more hearses,
Where when women walk down the street they won't feel like fearfully clutching at their purses,
So when I contemplate locations for my sea surface pressure transmutation invention,
Like my lyricism I imagine I’ll install it when the flow reverses.

The process through which a student becomes educated should be motivated by the fact that every one has the right to become illuminated, cognated, and integrated, without being hated, sedated, berated, or otherwise subjugated, so to inflate, elate, and satiate, I belate to state, that: sensational, relational, vibrational, sonography reveals (and is interpreted by) ones iconography... and despite what some at another branch of this University have claimed in regards to the neurography of "N.L.P.": empathic, telepathic, cartography is the topography and my philosophy (or "foolosophy" [if you're schooled in theosophy]) is not scientology, zoology, geology or paleontology but rather a combination of psychology, theology, anthropology, and philology.

Imagine walking on a beautiful beach...
As sun light glistens on grains of sand just with in reach,
Hear ocean waves crashing in relaxing refrain...
It's nice to see such a refreshing break in the rain,
Palm trees sway on this brilliant sunny day...
Life can be good on an ocean side bay,
Children laugh playfully in the crashing knee high surf...
Isn't life just as precious as material worth?
Some give it all up just to be free...
So you be your best you and I'll be my best me,
Then every thing will be good super natural e...
Like the countless stars piercing the blackened night sky,
Tell me, is this "hello"?
I hope it's not: "good bye"?

I'm looking for a new word with which to start a rhyme,
It should resonate like a chime every time and evoke feelings just sublime,
I won't look for one in a bar be cause all I'd drink in there is tonic and lime,
If I look for one on the streets and any body begs from me I'll give them more than a dime,
I hope I'm not arrested for impersonating a mime while solemny seeking to conceive
This new neurolinguistic paradigm.

I've studied geometry but not telemetry (be cause I'm avoiding optometry [but not psychometry])
I never cared for zoology or opthamology (but I'm schooled in astrology and familiar with scientology)
A novice at astronomy and curious about physiognomy... so I approach the philosophy of theosophy through the archaeology of philology... it rendered my psychology geology and my biology paleontology.

I believe in the unity, divinity, and infinity of huemanity,
And that ideas of war and killing are just complete and total insanity,
And all though some times I get so upset I want to resort to the use of profanity
It isn't long until I remember that I'm apparently just another casualty
Of our seemingly perpetual struggle with vanity.

Beautiful... is the way that you look, if you were my girlfriend I would write a book,
I can do lots of things and even cook and I'm really, really honest I'm never a crook,
Be cause what's mine is yours so little it bores, and my heart ignores your late night snores,
So I'll work for money... I'll even sweat for gold, as long as I know you're mine
And that your heart isn't cold, so please don't scold and don't have me rolled,
I don't mind obeying as long as you're polite when I'm told.

Blaming others for our own misery doesn't help, it merely makes us another little child emitting a "yelp"
So when I realize I have no idea what I'm doing I merely try to enjoy the taste of my food while chewing,
I guess that's not a legitimate occupation but merely my anemic attempt at some sort of self sedation,
I hope I don't need to endure a cranial operation to try to eliminate this pathetically epicurean fascination
I guess you could say like so many I'm not feeling extremely loyal to any particular nation,
And like most I'm probably just fantasizing of living my life on some sort of a permanent vacation,
Apparently a lot of us are under the influence that very same powerfully intoxicating delusion...
Characterized by symptoms such as: self importance and recurring states of near total confusion,
I am fairly certain that I don't want to receive yet another nearly fatally administererd contusion,
During some one elses misguided attempt to "help" me extricate from this self perpetuating illusion.

I don’t have a million dollars so sometimes I want to emit a million hollers,
I don’t have time for a debate be cause I’m just trying to make it in side before it’s too late,
Or I might feel tempted to berate... some one, and then state regulators might come and try to sedate,
Me or another dissident in this state protesting our fate, I'd rather go out on a date and not be late,
My biggest fear is that some one might do or say something that might cause ambient hate to reinflate,
So I'll go on back to work honey... to try to accumulate us up a bigger pile of money,
I guess it isn't funny but I'm content merely with the fact that it's almost always sunny,
That my nose isn't runny and that I haven't yet been attacked by a playboy bunny,
I'll obey sonny... be cause I'm sure not looking to get in to an argumentwith a man named "gunny".

She is the inspiration for my motivation causing me to rhyme to the point of expiration,
Over coming sedation and provocation, hoping to create some brand new type of elation,
Is her luminescence merely a fabrication of hallucination induced by my self generated fascination?
I know I won't need medication if I bring her with me the next time I go on a vacation to a foreign nation,
Be cause she looks so spectacular I feel compelled to manufacture more intricate styles of vernacular,
I'm glad I had the opportunity to talk with her for a little while...
Now I've got to get back to work to try to accumulate us up a large enough pile,
Of money to build us a fourtress so we won’t feel like we're living under duress,
I know I don't have any thing to confess to any of the friends or family of that there Princess,
So I'll do my very best to try to impress so that any children born to us can enjoy their daily recess,
And then do my best to try to distress (and out dress) all of her self appointed body guards,
(I hope I don't wind up hanging from a tree courtesy of any of the other local bards)
For harboring similar subconsciously manimalistic intentions,
Un till I see her again I'll be sitting here pondering my theoretical inventions,
And abiding by the rules of combat agreed upon at the Geneva Conventions.

I want to write another rap, don’t want to cause a flap, don’t want to feel a slap
Rather swim another lap, don't know how to bridge the gap or avoid another trap
Don’t need to hear a clap, fingers don't need to snap... to put another city on the map.

What I initially perceived to be malevolence may actually be some sort of munificence
So now I will try to prove my own innocence and emulate all of your magnificence,
To demonstrate my alleged competence to compensate you for any of my past insolence,
During those incidents through which we all so kindly assumed the attitude of ambivalence,
I will dissipate all of my ignorance so that no body a round here can be found guilty of negligence,
Be cause I would hate to be condemned by our eminence for unintentionally displaying any belligerence,
I'd prefer to not even have to make that inference so I'll just try my best to aspire to some excellence,
May be I'll even set some new precedents? (I'd hate to be seen as one exhibiting any pretense)
So if I begin to rhyme in past tense it isn't be cause I'm just
sitting here up, up, on a fence,
And from this point on hence, I promise I'll try not to rhyme in a way that's at all terse,
And do my very best to never curse (as long as no one tries to put me in to a hearse)
For learning correct behaviors in reverse (perhaps it is some sort of a new disease?)
I'm sorry if I made you feel ill at ease (I was just standing there admiring the trees)
Do you really want me to be brought down to my knees?
Or be stung by a swarm of angry bumble bees?
I promise I'll try to pay all of my fees,
And never again lose my house keys.

The sun is shining and my heart is pining,
But I'm not whining I'm just habitually dining,
On pastries for food... it puts me in a bad mood,
But I won't be rude cause I'm a laid back surfer dude,
I've got a decent attitude, you won't hear me speaking lewd,
And when it comes to managing money... well, they say I'm "fairly shrewd"
And if you’re my friend then I’ll make sure you’re allways in a good mood.

Perhaps I am under the influence of a delusion?
But aren't all of those repeated wars symptomatic of a world population hypnotized by an illusion?
So let's keep on protesting, be cause there's really no need to inflict up on any one any type of contusion,
Be cause we need our skulls to try to comprehend the chemical transmutation known as nuclear fusion
And I'm philosophically opposed to the idea of any one having to receive any type of
blood transfusion.

I've got more words than the aviaries got birds...
In school I always seemed to get along best with all of the "nerds"
I don’t want to contend with any one about any thing (not even literary convention)
I'd much rather find a way to try to manufacture my sea surface pressure transmutation invention
Even if it takes us until the end of business hours...
I still think it's better than living back in side of those office towers,
Isn't it paradoxical how conflict just scours and devours all of our magical powers?
Un till they return I'll be indulging my self in some more hydrophilic showers,
If any one needs to speak with me I'll be out side photographing those beautiful flowers,
I'm curious to see what else I can accomplish in these next few approaching hours.

I wouldn't hurt a mouse or a louse and I'll never grouse... I’d rather just douse
A microphone with rhymes monotone... when I’m alone I all ways ogle my phone,
And try to perfect my tone of voice [it's a choice] I don’t need to own a shiny new Rolls Royce,
Though I wouldn’t mind [but I'd rather find a pretty girl and a place to unwind...
{I’ll buy her a scone or an ice cream cone} as long as I don't break another bone
or incur another another loan].

I've been hired [never fired] don't want to be retired,
I was sired [now I'm mired] but I'll never admit to feeling tired,
What ever some body tries to claim that I am I'll probably try to prove that I'm not,
Be cause I've been preparing for most of my life to live like an automated robot,
So I don't care if the weather out side is claimed to be "cold" or is "hot",
Be cause I can sleep all most any where [sitting up {in your closet?} even comfortably on a cot]
The moment I was told that I was "really great" was then time when I began to be come not,
So I quit smoking pot, worked out while it was hot... even trot a lot like an ocelot
And hen it comes to material things I try to convince my self that I don't need a lot,
Be cause I'm usually a happy guy as long as I'm not repeatedly "put on the spot"
Or tempted to do [or say] any thing that might cause any ones reputation to rot.

While visiting the Junior Seau Community Center, in Oceanside, California two summers ago, I couldn't help but reflect upon the fact that his reputed suicide was likely provoked, in part, by the excruciating migraine headaches he apparently suffered as a result of all of the repeated on field collisions he engaged in while fulfilling his duties as a line backer for the San Diego Chargers "foot ball" team.

I too suffer from daily pain as a result of all of the injuries I sustained while playing line backer for my high schools football team, and have resolved that if I should ever have any children of my own, I will never allow them to play contact football, or to engage in "playing" any other type of "sport" during which participants violently collide with objects, or other with one another.

I believe that to do so is very irresponsible, and although our nations National Football League has recently begun investigating the use of safer helmet padding engineering and production alternatives, I do not believe that those efforts are enough to prevent players from sustaining potentially serious (and some times even fatal) injuries to their skulls, brains, faces, and limbs, and as such I believe that full contact "foot ball" (as it is currently being playing here in the United States of America) is too dangerous, and thus is best abandoned in favor of other, safer sports, such as basketball, soccer, surfing, or tennis.

(While visiting the city of Oceanside, California, I also wrote the following):

It’s a beautiful day here in Oceanside... so let’s just relax and enjoy the ride,
May be later on we can watch the tide [or go walking on the beach side by side?]
Where we can watch the sea gulls as they glide through the air as I look up on you with pride,
Wondering if some day may be you will be my bride... but until then let's just "take it in stride",
Be cause I know I’m not the only one who can not decide where I want to live [or in whom I can confide]
But too many former inmates here just want to collide [instead let's borrow a surf board and go for a ride]
Because it's such a beautiful day down here by the ocean watching the crashing waves that are in motion,
There's no need for any sun tan lotion... nor for any alcoholic potion.

I don't want to haunt, taunt, daunt, or flaunt, and if you think I'm "too gaunt" then I'll gladly take a jaunt,
All over the world until my destinies unfurled, the weight bars been curled, maybe a discus will be hurled?
I'm determined to pearl all provocations, so I'm currently taking a break from vacations and train stations,
And even though I don’t want to rhyme any more, I will, to try to produce some more rap videos to fulfill,
This ambition of mine, which I believe is better than criticizing others,
At least that’s what I was taught by our high schools Christian brothers,
So what ever every one else around here does is none of my busy ness,
Be cause I'm just trying my very best to try to impress,
That beautiful girl over there in that stylish sun dress,
Who I must confess I will do my very best to try to bless,
Until then, if I see any little children in town wearing a frown,
May be I'll sing them a song or two, to try to lift them up since they're feeling down?

I heard someone recently spoke a bunch of condemnatory words to all of the folk,
Inside of a religious domicile (but I wouldn't know cause I haven't been inside of one of those in a while)
But it's no joke, be cause apparently the speaker did invoke and then did his best to try to stoke and coke,
A fire among that flock to punch out on their cosmic clock and then go out and try to poke in our cloak,
All of the men like me who they falsely claim won't ever be willing to carry a yoke,
I think I would prefer that they all in stead go and take a soak,
In side of a nice hot soothing bubble bath, I'm assuming that would be better than being so full of wrath?
Until then I'll be in here wrestling with all of my math, trying to once again become some sort of a polymath
Trying to discern the difference between what constitutes a "socio" and "psycho" path,
Or may be walking around on some type of heavily wooded path?
I'm skeptical that they're having any fun, I think I'd much prefer that they run,
Or at least try their very best to enjoy the wonderful sun,
Be cause it's such a beautiful day, I don't know what else to say,
I hope and I pray they all get a chance to stay out and play,
And all I can say is: "Hip Hip Hooray!"
Be cause if you're my friend then I just may...
Sing you a new song every time I come along,
I don't need the beer or the bong I just want to get along,
Don't want to be strong and don't want to be wrong,
Just want to find a place where I can belong.

I shifted myself out of idle so now I'm tempted to perform a recital,
But I'm not feeling very vital so please don't rush to try to repossess my title,
Be cause I've only recently jumped back up and on to my previous "grind",
And I am now working very hard to try to unbind my mind and find,
A friend to whom I can be kind or a place where we can go and unwind,
Be cause the only thing I really need to know right now is:
"Have my unpaid student loans yet been unsigned?"
Be cause there isn't all that much that I can do...
When I'm waiting around for the government, I don't know about you?
I'm just glad I found my other running shoe, so if any debt collectors come looking for me
Every one will just say: "You're looking for who?"

The seductive philosophy of hypermaterialism and greed,
Dehumanizes those among us who are most obviously in need,
It has grown from a poisonous seed into controlling us all from family to nation,
And has millions of us engaging in nothing more than self indulgent sedation,
It appears to have stolen much of our national elation and motivation,
So may be if we could just all try to put our egos up on a shelf,
And each one of us individually stop, reflect, and ask our self:
How many houses or vehicles does one man really need?
As tens of millions of people are struggling to feed their earthly born seed?
Are they, and their children worth so much less than the rest of us?
That is what I some times wonder as I view their misery from the bus,
Perhaps what we need is just a little more trust?
So that our interpersonal bonds will not continue to rust?
And may be what we need is just a little more faith,
In the power of caring and sharing in stead of just in material things,
Be cause a heart full of happiness forever sings,
And a world full of unity forever brings,
A world full of peace and international cooperation,
Isn't that better than our brothers and sisters emaciation?

(If you agree, then let's develop and pursue more and more advanced higher education,
so we can continue to learn to work together with greater and greater degrees of inter-co-operation.)

I've got more songs than the smoke shops got bongs,
I never flip meat with tongs and I try not to bang on any gongs,
I try not to commit any wrongs and I'll never wield any prongs,
I try my best not to eat any flesh, not a fish, a chicken, or a cow,
But I will eat a fig (though definitely not a pig!) be cause they're much too cute (and how?)
So please don't push me to work too hard to the point where I'll ever have to take a bow,
But if you really want me to I will, just please honeynot right now.

The canonical, monarchal, patriarchal, symphonical harmonical with a monocle has arrived,
It isn’t contrived but barely survived and revived, be cause I've shucked and I've jived,
And strived and hived with my compadres from different madres,
To emit sonic light rays on alternate Sundays that will truly amaze,
Is this "just a phase"? I don't know, but please try not to taze,
Me, or any one, we're just trying to have a little bit of fun,
And to not to have to run from a gun just because I do stun,
Every nun with a pun until they just come undone,
I'm her only son so my mothers agony must weigh a ton,
So please stifle the urge to run, no I'm not Atilla the "Hun",
It doesn't matter who "won" be causeI'm just happy to see the sun,
Am I yet done?

I make up new words as I feed the birds,
I'd never kidnap animals from their herds and I'd never bomb the Kurds,
I'd rather admire the trees and the bumble bees,
Make a happy sound and always say "thank you" and "please",
So if you want to join me to enjoy the evening breeze,
I'll be around with a happy sound, so you won't have to feel ill at ease,
And if you want to contact me so we can each be a mutual friend,
I’ll be here (yes oh dear) on that you can depend,
And since I'm still not sure who, or what it is, that I want to be,
May be you can make a suggestion or two, and I’ll try to be that for thee?
Or may be we can jump up, up, on a boat and sail from sea to sea?
If we really "hit it off" then may be a friend to me you'll allways be?

(Night time version of my: "Wandering Around With No Idea Where I Am, or Where I Am Going" song):

Well it's a beautiful night, there's not a rain drop in sight, there's no need for fright or to stir up a fight,
If you look for happiness it'll be out of sight, full of delight under the stars all right,
And if you're my friend then I just might... sing you a new song every time I come along,
I don't need the beer or the bong I just want to get along...
Don't want to be strong and don't want to be wrong,
Just want to find a place where I can belong.

When I'm alone I imagine engineering a clone, of my self from this DNA up here on the shelf,
Am I just "an elf"? If so, I wish I was a "giant", may be that's why I'm "oppositionally defiant",
And hardly ever "willfully compliant"; but at least I'm totally self reliant and getting better at creating,
Hoping that some day my ideas will be perpetuating,
That my work will be seen globally through digital replicating,
And my perspectives will be forever disseminating.

I'm trying my best to be "sensable",
Hoping my actions aren't seen as "reprehensible",
I wish energy drinks were "business expensable",
Be cause I've convinced my self that they're "indispensable",
So now I’m trying my best to be more responsable,
Hoping my domicilic intentions are found to be ensconsable,
Most mens behaviors are quite often incomprehensible,
But mine aren't violent so I think they're defensable.

It's probably just another glib platitude but it seems like having an "attitude of gratitude",
Infuses public spaces with joviality, regardless of their actual longitude or latitude,
Unfortunately I'm too preoccupied with trying not to eat cookies,
And escaping from this space ship seemingly copiloted by wookies,
At most of my previous jobs I felt like I was always completely and totally surrounded by rookies,
So now I'm just happy to know that I don't owe any more money to any "bookies".

I need a computer with a kilobyte of memory to host images of a trilobite,
So I can display them here on this web site, but I get irritated when the pixellation isn’t quite right,
If I don’t find one soon I might, glare angrily at this screen until mid night,
Until I see what I want with in sight, or I might have to challenge my self to yet another fight,
I’d rather be out side flying a kite, be cause the weather is nice and the sun is shining so bright,
I can't tell if that sphere is yellow or is white, but at least I've got internet access with which I might,
Book another air line flight, or make sure that my rhymes sound adequately "tight".

While randomly wandering around and through the city of Los Angeles on foot and by bus, by my self, and with out my glasses, I often found my self singing songs out loud to cheer my self up (and may be even woo a woman in to being my friend?). Following are some of the lyrics to a self mocking song I wrote and sang through out the neighborhoods of Santa Monica one night as a joke.  It was inspired, in part, by the lyrics of a song recorded by the "punk" rock band: "Iggy Pop and the Stooges":

I'm lost, don't care about the cost to stay out of the frost, as long as I don't get tossed,
And my teeth stay flossed, my hair is glossed and I'm drossed from being mossed,
Be cause I just want to hang around and not hit the ground,
Make a happy sound and avoid the pound,
Some called me: "a dog" and: "a frog", just "a bump on a log",
But I felt like I fell into a bog in the fog and then was attacked by dragon "Smog",
So now all I want is to "be your doggy"...
When you're with me it will be always be sunny and never foggy,
I promise I'll never wake up groggy and that your carpet will never be soggy,
If I sound a little bit too delirious I'll try my best to be a little bit more serious,
So Miss please don't be at all furious but your beauty has me just so very curious,
And please don't dismiss me with a hiss be cause all I'd really like is to receive a little kiss
And for you to accompany me to all of the parties planned for this coming Christmas,
All I really want is to make you happy... I swear I'll never be snappy or slappy,
When we go to visit your parents I'll make sure they're happy to call me "chappy",
If we create any children of our own I imagine they'll call me Pappy,
When we put them down for their "nappy".

I'm trying to transmutate synesthesia hoping to elicit total amnesia,
I hope that this time I won't have to request any type of anesthesia.

Joy is a feeling inside of your heart,
If you've got that it's the biggest head start,
Feelings of happiness are the most wonderful thing,

We should be spreading those rather hatred and its sting,
Let's infuse people with inspiration like the luminescent coloration
On a butterflies wings, that's one way we can be kings!
Life is so precious let's never do anything to waste it,
We could make a linguistic collage but with what ever shall we paste it?
It's a waste of time and energy seeking revenge,
Instead just let the perpetrators conscience avenge,
And let's try to learn to be happy, it doesn't help any one for us to all ways be resentful or snappy,
No body ever said life was going to be easy but getting angry will just make us feel queasy,
And there's no time to dissect the faults of every body else around,
In stead let's focus on fixing our own, so they no longer abound,
Then hopefully we'll feel glad and no longer so sad,
Be cause going through life angry is just totally mad,
Maybe it's time in history for a new kind of evolution?

One that helps and heals us all,
And gives our planet a real solution?

I feel like a giant little boy riding around on my bike like a toy,
Is such self condemnation just a ploy, may be a psychospiritual decoy?
For a family that wants to enjoy the public spaces where men like me deploy,
All of our schemes to realize all of our dreams...
No I'm not playing for any more sports teams!
I’m very reluctant to ever engage again in that endeavor,
Be cause getting smashed in the head and face repeatedly
Doesn’t seem to me to be very clever,
I'd rather devise a new use for a pulley or a lever,
Or create a bond with a woman that will never ever sever.

Once a mouse was living in my house but I didn't complain and I didn't grouse,
Until it started chewing on the cover of my blender, then suddenly my sentiments weren't quite so tender.

If we were made of plastic would our lives be more fantastic?
We'd be so much more elastic and better able to rebound after a drastic, bombastic,
Setback... some times things aren't just black, or white but some where in the middle,
No I've never tried to play a fiddle, but I can if you want me to? But hey, first let me pose to you a riddle:
While we try to solve it I'll just stand here and linger, some might say that I am "a dead ringer"
For a weather beaten wedding singer, once I was told I should "be a "right winger",
In games of Chinese checkers I'm obsessed with being known as a relentless kinger,
And to be honest I'm a little bit embarrassed to admit that on the playground,
Some little munchkin once broke my middle finger.

For anxiety I once ingested an amino acid called: "G.A.B.A.",
Some say mass market sun screens contain a carcinogen known as: “P.A.B.A.”,
I’m still not sure what to think about that disco group "ABBA",
Yes I know I look like a "cave man" but you’ll never hear me shouting “Yabba"...
"Dabba doo",  I don’t know about you but I’m just glad I’m wearing sandals
And not a right and left running shoe. I think my favorite color is blue,
But to me that subspectrum does construe, the idea that one might be feeling "sad",
What ever that that means, I'm actually much more concerned with ending my addiction to jelly beans,
So please don't offer them to me to night be cause then I may very well might,
Feel tempted to try to sort of slight... you, but I won't be cause I sure don't want to get in to a fight,
Be cause there might, be some famous people hiding right around here in plain sight.
Wouldn't that be great? But then that might attract some of the papa razzi,
Who might secretly photograph one of us playing a game of Yahtzee,
Or over hear some one saying some thing that could be construed as Nazi,
All I really know is that on that show "Happy Days"
My favorite character was always "Potsy".

I'd rather do any thing else right now than keep on working on this web site,
But I'm trying to accomplish as much as I can until I can relax on this Friday night,
Be cause for far too long I've been relying almost solely upon my might,
And not paying enough attention to whether or not my rhymes will sound adequately "tight".

I will not obey any governments that slay, especially if they flay
Be cause to me every thing they say is like a horses "neigh" or a donkeys bray,
I'd rather go out side and play or find some one to whom I can say: "Hey!"
Or may be find a stone to lay even if it weighs eight hundred pounds again to day,
Be cause I won't go their way... you see I didn't yesterday
And I won't again tomorrow, so that's all I have to say.

Love is the most powerful force in the universe,
Nothing can compare, especially not a curse,
For we are all made of the brightest light,
More luminescent than any envisioned sight
That can be be held with earthly eyes,
If we look in side we can realize,
The truth of light and life within,
There's no need to be a slave to sin,
Or death or hate, it's never too late,
To change our course or our state,
Of mind or being a new way of seeing,
Is available to us in side of our selves,
Let's not be afraid to put our pride up, up on shelves,
Then light will be in our brains and fully in side our minds,
Such enlightenment unbinds unlimited information,
It is the cream of manifested creation,
So let us make peace with every single nation,
Humility can be our protection... I've heard it paves the way for resurrection,
But not after we're dead, it's in this life instead,
So lets seek the truth of inner "light" and love,
Then it will be on earth, as it is above:

I got bored of self deception so I decided to recalibrate my sense of self perception,
So I can pass a great ladies inspection I'm currently obsessed with the idea of self perfection,
And vocalizing my rhymes with the right inflection, hoping that may be she'll consider me for conception,
I don't think I need to catch another interception so I'll just redesign my theoretical invention,
Or work on improving my psychic recollection and trying not to eat yet another sugary confection,
But it seems as if all I've been doing lately is loitering out in front of the candy shoppe,
And recently the owner there has been telling me that I have to pick up and push his mop,
Because all I really want to do is eat sugar and I just can’t seem to stop,
So now I’m sitting here writing another song... please I hope this one doesn’t flop!
Be cause I don’t want to push around his broom or keep throwing my money a way and in to that tomb,
I don't want to eat any toxic mushroom or ever again be told to pick up a gun that goes "ba boom!"
I’d rather weave some cloth up on a loom or be able to sit and relax in side of my own room,
Where I could watch re runs of that great old childrens television show: "Zoom",
And the last thing I'll ever need is another sports car that goes "va voom!".

I'm jealous of your trellis so I find myself overzealous,
In my desire to look at pictures of Ellis...
I used to live on one of those so now I just suppose,
That I don't want any more sand stuck in be tween my toes,
Nor to have my nose burnt un till it's bright red like a rose,
I guess I'll just have to wait and see how this budding music career of mine goes.

As the oceans waves approach and crash up on the shore...
I wonder when the time will come when I'll have some one to adore,
I don't mind if you snore and I'm hardly ever a bore...
I don't want to keep score and I'll help you run our errands at the store...
I won't ever ignore you and I'll never deplore you,
If I can I'll restore you and I can assure you...
That I can pay at least half of our rent,
And if you need me to I'll work to make sure that a check is weekly sent,
To us in the mail, so neither one of us will have to harvest a pail full of kale to feed our pet snail,
I don't want to argue over who's "the head" or "the tail" be cause in business I never fail,
So when we're done paying all of our bills may be we can set sail and go look at a whale?
I promise I'll eat the stale, bread if the time ever comes when we're too lazy to get out of bed,
To go food shopping and I don't want, or need to go "bar hopping",
I definitely do not like mopping and don't ever eat whipped cream topping,
So there's no need to "see red" or to try to "fill me up with lead",
I'll make sure we're well fed even if I have to sleep out side in the shed.

Considering reasoning regretfully spherical and cognition hopefully lyrical:
Who is the worlds greatest osmotic, robotic, psychotic?
If you say me then you can be my plenipotentiary.

Is it anachronistic to think futuristic?
Every sadistic, feudalistic, bad dream regime makes me want to scream,
We’re all supposed to periodically work as a team in stead of constantly fighting over the cream,
Of the fruits of our collective labors...
What good is producing all of that stuff when we're consuming so much of it fighting wars
Against our Middle Eastern friends neighbors?
Is there really any reason for all of these children
To aspire to obsessively carry around those "light" sabers?

I don't think so, but then again, what do I know?
On with the show!

I don’t want to sleep and I don’t want to creep,
I won't make a peep and I'll take a flying leap,
I’m talented with money so I’ve been accused of being "cheap",
I'd never kill to eat an animal, not a pig, a cow, or a sheep,
And I don’t think it’s right to kill those who kill, we should just lock them forever in the keep,
Be cause we should never do any thing to ever give any ones family a reason to ever weep,
And if that's "too deep" then feel free to go on back to sleep,
And if there's a file on me then please put all of these writings in there,
So every one who reads them can see what I really think of them when they're not here,
Until then I’ll just sing some more songs to my self in any kind of crazy old style...
Be cause music was the only subject I got an “F” in but I guess you could say it’s been quite a while.

I've been experiencing a little depression after recently being ejected out of confession,
The priest said I need to find a profession so I guess I'll engage in yet another extended session,
Of writing, all though I don't find it to be very exciting, but I suppose it's much, much better than fighting,
Be cause apparently, lately some of the crazier combatants have been biting,
I can't speak for any one else around here but I'd rather spend my time advocating
For the installation of more and brighter lighting.

Some how I became a sonic rebel, all though I rarely turn up the treble,
I'd rather turn up the bass and lock my door so no one else can get in to my face,
Where I'll be free to once again retreat in to my own private inner/outer space,
And disappear with out a trace to try to take a break from this eternally ongoing "rat race".

I find the symphonic ironic so my rhyming when sonic is monotonic,
I'm seeking instruments electronic to make sounds much more harmonic,
In my quest to become iconic, but if any critics are sardonic I'll feel totally moronic,
And I'll have to open a juice bar that's polyphonic so I can offer them all a lime and tonic.

Fighting shouldn't be exciting there are other things in which we should be delighting,
Like installing more and brighter lighting and making sure that no dogs around here are biting,
Pedestrians or equestriennes... but now I'm too busy ogling this brand new package of pens,
And looking for my long lost contact lens, I'm not sure what any body else around here intends?
I'm was just standing there admiring the wrens,
 doing my best to avoid every one who contends
And pretends t
o want to "fight for what's 'right'",
Be cause fighting is just wrong, it's merely our egos projection of being "strong"
And others are emulating the examples that we set, that is one thing on which you can bet,
So despite how angry we may allow ourselves to get,
Let's try not to do or say anything that we may later on regret,
Be cause to do other wise isn't at all very intelligent,
Maybe in stead we could try to set some sort of a new precedent?
That won't function so powerfully to our apparently mutual detriment.

My favorite weapon is a pen, I just returned from purchasing a brand new package of ten,
So I can write a little bit now and then, especially when I get angry at the way things have been,
I think I'd rather listen to the beautiful song of a wren and a little bit less shouting of angry men,
I think I'll return to my camp site after ten when things have returned to relative serenity again.

I'd like to assemble another octrain with out going completely insane,
I think I'm working much too hard with my brain but my employer insists that he should reign,
Ever since he arrived here on that air plane I've been tempted to refer to him as "Cain"
I guess I don't have any reason to complain and I'm assuming that his anger will eventually wane,
Until then may be I should grow some sort of a lions mane?
Or celebrate the fact that there's hardly ever any rain?
How I got here I really don't know...
The last thing I remember is jumping off of that passenger train.

I'm unanimous in my animus so I'm feeling pusillanimous rather than magnanimous,
The humility of being anonymous has caused me to desire to be come more eponymous,
In the minds of all of the women among whom I'm apparently, regretfully, currently ignominious,
I wish that sounded more monotonous but I guess my way of doing things is a bit anomalous,
Perceive me as like a hippopotamus: I don't like to move around very much,
And all I eat is grass and any other vegetation I can touch.

I'm totally bored out here to night be cause I was trying with all of my might,
To structure my writing in hexameter when not contemplating the dimensions such as diameter,
Of a cola bottle from which I shouldn't be drinking, I'm convinced that my addiction to sugar is sinking,
My teeth... so I'll bequeath, all of my writings to any woman who can provide relief,
From this addiction until I am done, d
rinking that sugar water in a misguided sense of "fun",
The next time I see a restaurant soda fountain you can bet that I'll be tempted to turn around and run.

My anti systemic polemic:

The oligopoly that controls this plutocracy masquerading as a "democracy"
Has a monopoly on the money used by the panopoly of people in this nation
Who are kept under near constant sedation lest they violently rebel
Under the weight of all of the statistically concealed price inflation.

Some one took my Sociology book so now I'm tempted to label them a "crook"
And sit here in this corner like a rook to try to sneak a peek around and look,
At what every one else here is reading in their nook to see if I am able to hook,
That tome back, but if success I lack, I may have to try my hand at being a cook.

I resent having to exhibit contrition so I'm tempted to write until I'm charged with sedition,
I'd rather buy ten copies of the most recent edition of that poetry journal with out any elses permission,
I realize I'm some what reckless with my own volition but I promise you I won't ever abscond to go fishin'
Ma'am what ever you want is my number one mission and I promise I won't ever leave you wishin'
You never joined me in that act of perdition, be cause love is real and not just some sort of superstition.

I just received a strange phone call, apparently some one wants me to coach some basketball,
I don’t know what the point of that is... unless they’re little boys... either mine or his,
I don’t think I want to coach guys I might help make it to the pros, but who knows?

(Inspired by the book "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn"):

I want to write a new rhyme that resonates like a chime...
I don’t want to invest the time, I’d rather trade in an empty soda can for a dime,
Or maybe a bag of ten I can trade in for a dollar?
But what if I meet up with that old aggressive dog off of his collar?
I know, I’ll just fight 'im (but never bite 'im) and I wouldn't even make a holler.

My enemies only weapon is a pen so please don't tempt him to character assassinate any men,
But now and then, when I get angry at the way things have been, I consider buying a new package of ten,

Please don't tempt me to go that route again.

Some perceive me as not that tall but I do my best to make up for it with gall,
I sure don’t want to take a fall or be forced to go wandering on down the hall,
If my career starts to stall I’ll just establish a brand new protocol
By regaining my total recall and then on this here web site I will install
As many of my rhymes as I possibly can... I think I'd even be happy living in side of a van,
I know I don't need another sun tan and "I think I can" is my plan, so are you a fan?
Yeah man!

I won’t eat pastrami and I'd never call myself a "swami",
I don't eat salami but I might try to surf in a tsunami,
I’m definitely your boy but not the one in the movie "Tommy ___",
And if I ever get hurt there's certainly no need to call my "mommy". 

Let’s avoid “the bomb”... I’d rather strike on a tom tom,
There's no need to call my mom just because I write with such aplomb,
So I'll say to you “Salaam”... in Arabic that means "Peace",
It comes after the release, of all previous stress and tension...
See, war (to me) is absolutely and completely beyond comprehension,
I’d rather collect some type of government pension and did I forget to mention?
May be go for a walk and admire the stars?
I know one thing: I don’t need to own any more sports cars,
Or go back in side of any of those old sports bars,
Seems like every guy in there feels like a "man from Mars".

I’m lean, not mean... I don’t need to make "the scene",
I'm clean and keen, I don't care if I am seen
I am all ways trying to wean, my self from in be tween
Caffeine, and sugar addictions... they are my twin afflictions,
I get irritable with out them and start spouting contradictions,
I'll take a break from making predictions, and hem my own new pants,
So maybe later on to night I can try to perform that brand new dance?
Please don’t look at me a skance or try to poke me with that lance,
I'm just trying to advance... may be on me she'll take a chance?

Once I had a really bad habit, I ran after all the girlies like a rabbit...
Until one day a man told all of his friends: "If you see a guy with a beard a round here just stab it."
All I could jokingly say in my defense was: "Sir, just be cause I see a beautiful girl doesn't mean I'll grab it."

Are my words balm or just napalm? If they cause you qualm, just stay calm
And find a palm, tree... to rest under peacefully, then you'll see once again clearl lee,
So you can regain your clarity and see the hilarity and insanity of psychosocial vanity,
Let's be nice, no body wants violence or profanity wouldn't you rather look at a "manatee"?

I am not the greatest, I am merely the latest,
In a new line of socially conscious rapper so I try my best to dress sort of dapper,
In the nineteen twenties I think my kind of women were often called a "flapper"
If I had a girl friend I'd never slap her, if I see a mama bear in the woods I'd never trap her,
If I fell I'd never use the "clapper", haters who come at me are like flies who hit a bug zapper,
The kind of turtle I see most is a snapper, at night they call me the "celestial mapper",
And if you’ve got a swimming pool... you know I could easily lap 'er.

I want to reconfigure my brain even if the process drives me insane,
To create more numerous and intricate neuronic connections
So my creative out put can pass the toughest critics inspections,
So I’ll meditate and investigate my internal reflections...
If I’m not perceiving things accurately I'll try to make the necessary cognitive corrections.

(Does this qualify as an epigram?):

I heard some one recently called The Pentagon: "The Pentagram"
Because they apparently launched an exploding telegram,
Into some ones house many thousands of miles away,
I guess I'm not really sure what else there is to say,
But is that the reason they want us to pay... all of those taxes?
So they can continue to manufacture contemporary versions of battle axes?
If so, I think I'll send them some more contentious faxes,
And keep on expanding this web site until my debit card maxes,
Until that frightened mother with children in the Middle East finally relaxes,
I'd like to say to her: "Ma'am, I'm so sorry that that missile did slam...
In to your house and killed more than a mouse... reputedly a lamb
Of god" now I feel the need to make a mod, ification to my plans to go on a vacation,
Be cause all of these wars seem to have infused with me with some new chaotic type of inspiration.

I've got more verses than the mortuaries got hearses,
So even when I get angry it's rare I'll resort to speaking curses,
If I had my choice I'd be out there fraternizing with all of the nurses,
And when my future looks too bleak I just wait until that eclipse reverses.

I received an anagram of a monogram on a diagram through a telegram,
It was the letter "e", coincidentally, and it manifested so supernaturally
I found my self handling it superstitiously, when suddenly the papers edge cut my finger all too viciously,
But it stimulated my retinas so deliciously and it fed my ego quite nutritiously,
Like a box of chocolates wrapped up under my families Christmas tree,
How it came to me is still some sort of a mystery of recent history.

If I ever pick up a gun I give you permission to stun, me with a taser or a laser
I'd rather try to amaze 'er, with my skills as a rhymer... am I truly "just a" "two timer"?
I thought I was a "nickel and dimer" but I'd rather be a revolutionary paradigmer,
To perceive, and
describe what I think is really going on,
Lest I devour every bon bon like an automaton... I don't think that's very much like a mafia "Don"
But I have all ready driven on the American autobahn and even though I'm not an ex-con,
When gangsters see me on the streets they always seem to yell to me "ay Mon!"

When things get really weird I don’t really get that "scared"
I’m hoping I'm not feared be cause I’d much rather be endeared,
It’s better than being seared but probably not as good as being revered,
Maybe it’s just the beard? I guess that’s simply the way I’ve always been geared,
It’s know it's not the way I was reared and I’m know I'm not psychologically "impaired".

I died 666 times, but now I'm back with 777 rhymes.

I'm chillin', I'm not a villain, I'm often running back... but not like Corey Dillon,
When I'm your vehicles passenger it's gas tanks I'm always fillin'
When you're out with me at night you know no blood will be spillin'
When I visit factories it's jewelry we're always millin'
When business needs to get done it's through invoices that we're billin'
And when I come by and speak and rhyme,
Suddenly rebels don't want to waste their night on killin'.

I don't want to impose, but do you suppose that when the boss goes you could transpose
The image of that rose that we chose, so I can repose my toes when the cool breeze blows?
I guess my laziness shows?

I make it a point, to anoint, my joint, with camphor oil... no I won't wear a tin foil
Hat, be c
ause I'm a laid back cat, trying not to get fat, or bitten by a rat, hoping not to go "splat"
Or get hit by a "rat a tat tat"... or what ever it is that gun fire sounds like to you
I hope they're not shooting at us too, I guess it rattles some people like the shouting of the word "Boo!"
Don't try to make me buy another running shoe (or two) or go around asking every one "who knew?"
Be cause it looks like my jumbo jet just flew... back to that awe some tropical beach...
Now I'm sad be cause there isn't much for me to do around here but teach or beseech,
And I know I'm not a leech so I'm fairly certain my goals are with in reach.

I’m feeling sort of "blue" since I lost my other shoe,
Now I’m so distraught I don’t know what to ever do,
You know it’s simply true that I fixed it up with glue,
And that it was one of a nice pair when it was brand new,
Some local dog must be happy since it has some thing new on which to chew,
And to make my predicament even worse I feel like I’m one of the only few,
Who was so despoiled when that wicked wind blew through,
So I'll pick up a squeaky clean pool cue and stir around some type of vegan stew,
I really don’t know which way it flew but I do know one other thing that is true,
You won't see me resorting to any type of malevolent vou doo,
Or begging for help from you in some musty old church pew.

I call words that rhyme "vibronyms"... I'd like to find a few that are synonyms,
But I'm tempted to eat even more cinnamon, so in stead I'll just introduce the word "liminonym",
Which means "a word that is barely conceivable"... yes I know it sounds so quite unbelievable,
I just hope that these memories are retrievable and that my meaning is some what perceivable.

School should be cool, not a tool to make us a fool, or rule, an angry mob through a job, nor a plot to rob
The "masses" while they sit in classes, reducing their cognition to the speed of molasses,
Empowering future cult leaders to convince their followers to inhale poisonous gases,
So if we truly believe that we are “right”, may be you can tell me: "What need is there to ever fight?"
Instead let's each try to be a "light", a rock, or a clock... to convey to others what they need to know,
Let's not displace, but replace our interface so we can reach those who dwell in psychospiritual outer space
Lest some one get sprayed with mace for arguing over superficially divisive concepts such as “race”.

Assist to persist, and insist to resist the: "war machine and the ghetto scene"
Stay lean, never mean, and all ways in be tween, the two poles of extreme
So no mother will have to scream... life is supposed to be a dream, not a night mare,
Where children live in fear and watch men do stare, looking for fault, or is it to exalt?
Is that why they some times yell: "Halt!"?

I've got a hole in side of my heart, I don't need it there to start creating something resembling art,
As long as no one throws an other dart at me in my brand new go kart... that isn't very smart,
Please don't offer me another "Pop Tart" from that big old mega mart or I might have to start to part,
From you by walking with my feet all the way on down the street, be cause eating sugar can defeat,
All of my healthy aspirations and interfere with the completion of necessary respirations,
I'm not concerned with much of anything else but maintaining our mutually decent reputations.

On just fruit I nibble, I wish I was a tribble, so I don’t want to quibble about the way I dribble,
A basket ball all the way on down the hall, even though I'm not that tall it's less distance I can fall.

The stars are out, it's beautiful without a doubt, so there’s no need to pout or be a lout,
No need to look for a scout to rout, that's not what life's about, that the motto I do tout,
And even if I make you angry please don't hit me or I'll shout.

I took off my coat and then read the note... apparently they all took a vote to try to smote,
Me, for the way I did dote so remote, but I won't retort or go to court and I won't file a tort,
I'll simply resort to the sort of sport to abort, any negative feelings that have me crawling on ceilings,
And I won't emote (I'll just build a moat) around my castle (it's such a hassle)
I'm merely a vassal! (No I won't rotate my tassel!)
That's my small symbolic way of protesting,
The way this school has been investing,
All of it's time (and all of it's money)
I don't really think it's very funny,
Well, at least the weather here is
All ways delightful and sunny.

There's no need for lies or a disguise, nor to hypnotize, victimize or radicalize to revolutionize,
So I wear ties, emit sighs and proselytize, so we can optimize the way we socialize and fraternize,
Does that seem sensible in your eyes?

Some one shot a sparrow with an arrow so now I feel pain in my bone marrow,
My open mindedness is beginning to narrow and I'm tempted to emulate attorney Clarence Darrow,
I don't usually get that sentimental but I also lost my Lincoln Continental so now I think it's fundamental,
That further sublimation will be essential so I suppose I'll try to compose another elemental instrumental,
Does that sound too detrimental? If so I'll just return to listening to the sound of drilling that is dental.

My hope is in this pen and paper so I’m not tempted to perpetrate a caper,
I’m happy the tip does taper so I can try to erect a neurolinguistic sky scraper,
My hope is in this paper and pen and rarely in the ways of men, but now and then
When I start writing again, I’m usually content as a solitary citizen or denizen,
By the way: How have you been?

Yo soy un poco loco, por lo que me gusto creo que yo soy un poquito Mexicano y un poquito Italiano,
Pero no quiero un otro hermano, porque yo solo necesito un poquito poblano.

Peace full fear less paranoia is metanoia which can make you a sequoia,
n the forest of life, I think we're at our best when we're free of all that strife.

I’m not a writer or street fighter,
Just some guy with an extra lighter coveting a miter,
Pulling another all nighter with a burned out hi lighter, hoping I’ll sight 'er
So I can invite 'er for an apple cider.

I don’t need hugs or drugs, I don’t run around with thugs, I try my best not to kill any "bugs",
I used to turn lugz, on automobiles wheels, now I plan on negotiating abstract business deals,
A voice often reveals how some one really feels: Please don't step on me with those high heels.

Transcend to ascend and intend to extend, your influence in this present tense,
It's common sense so don't just sit there up on a fence, instead let's discuss the elements,
Of hip hop or at the top, of a periodic table (then we'll be able to cable
The pulleys of my brand new invention (that is my current intention) and did I remember to mention?
That some day we'll want to collect a pension to alleviate all of the tension
Too often caused by financial apprehension,
Now do I finally have your attention?)

The glacial, palatial, aracial, facial expression impression session I conceived, perceived and received
had to be seen to be believed and I am now relieved, to know that there is no snow to blow my show
under neath an other blizzard (I thought I was "a wizard" (but she said I'm merely "a lizard"
that caused me severe pain in side of my gizzard and then my hair locks were almost scissored
off, while I was asleep now I keep, deep, memories of that unease disease, I felt... I'm still determined not
to wear any type of dead animal pelt, so I tried to explain to her that “I am a manimal” (not a cannibal)
but she didn't under stand so now I wish I was that north African general Hannibal (but not Lechter
(poor Phil Specter)) the only Trojan I ever trusted was Hektor especially in that sector
of town, am I just a smoke detector inspector? Better that than a defector (or worse: a prefector perfector)
All though I'm quite sure that either one of those is still better than being a routinely hated tax collector
(Be cause I heard the lien served on that old widows house just wrecked her
Then her pet macaw pecked her right after her “best" friend decked her
for forgetting to put out the humming birds nectar
I wish I was there to protect her from any pandemic that might infect her
But first I have to return to campus to fulfill my responsibilities as a lecter)).

In order to actualize my potential I see it as essential to avoid the incidental and inconsequential,
So I'm trading in this utensil for an other pen or pencil and I don’t really care if it’s merely a rental,
As long I can deploy it to express the prudential and reverential (but not the providential or sentimental)
Then may be I could use it to create a stencil in some sort of an attempt to illustrate the transcendental.

Let's date, not hate, but I won't ice skate, frost bite doesn't po tent chee ate, my ability to relate or create,
Tell me: Does any of my work rate? Teachers are great when they tolerate and educate but never berate, 
Any ones attitude... leaving a perspective skewed so I'll stay a laid back surfer dude and never be rude,
Nor eat any unhealthy food, stay in a jovial mood, never sue or be sued so I won't ever be misconstrued,
And create original content that can be viewed, stewed and chewed, rather than reviewed or eschewed.

Let's not continue to contend just be cause we've been incorrectly taught to try to bend,
Others to our will some going so far as to provoke others to want to kill (that is so "ill") so be still and mill
Around, be patient your destiny will be found but not on the ground may be in letters, images, or sound?
Let's try not to scold or be the one who "told" that is too cold even for those of us who worship gold
Such approaches mold, attitudes of enmity not amity it's a calamity we need unanimity and magnanimity
Life is supposed to be a dance not perpetual jousting with a lance... is every man now a knight
Who wants to regularly fight making this city feel unsafe to many of the women around here every night?
Let's not pretend or descend to contend... I'd rather be a diplomat cat and intend to mend and defend,
Let's clean up in showers and bring all of the girls a round here some flowers
In stead of continuing to cultivate destructive powers for hours be cause such an approach scours
And sours every ones best intentions and such antisynergistic suspensions
Sabotage our ability to manifest new inventions at future conventions...
Instead let's seek honorable mentions.

I considered attending an architecture lecture but that was mere conjecture...
I realize that I don't have the greatest eyes or the right disguise so I'll merely rationalize

that I "don’t want to admire any one elses work" or I’d feel compelled to return to being a file clerk
at this schools book store "hey, at least they’ve got a brand new floor!" all though I do find such work to be a bore but I'll stifle the urge to snore and again tell my self the score, in another rhyme... I do it all the time... may be it’s from that concussion (or all of that past percussion?) I really do wish I could learn to speak Russian... yes, I'll turn the volume down since I don't want to be evicted out of town for bringing any body else down... then I'd have to revert back to being a sentimental clown dyed dark brown, from too many sun tans.. we home less people never have any fans... we're lucky if we're even allowed to live in side of old vans to survive in places with "vagrancy" bans or collect a few dimes from recycling some aluminum cans some say they do it for the "environment" be cause some people see such work as a "detriment" but I've heard "Mother Earth" takes it as a compliment I guess that's some sort of a new precedent? At least it’s better than having to be the President, all though it's probably not as great as being an "official" resident.

(My scant rant in which I chant like an ant with a bile implant):

I’m enraged I was caged now I can’t afford to get engaged yet still I'm being paged...
About an other war that will be maged, staged, raged, and waged...
But with whose pay check?
Some one working at a local coffee shop who wants to hang me {or them selves} by the neck?
Be cause we can barely afford to pay our rents with a "salary" that's a tiny speck {what the heck?}
I'm not a drunk, skunk, punk passed out in your trunk I'd much rather learn how to slam dunk a hunk,
Of crystallized honey into a glass of green tea, so when you distribute the alcohol please don't look at me
Be cause I don’t drink {and I truly don’t comprehend how some people around here think}
I'm doing fine so please keep your wine from the vine I'd rather define, some vague new word it's absurd
Have you heard? I'm bored of repeatedly verbalizing these seemingly end less rhymes
So now I simply type them in to a computer during down times.

Mention that my incomprehension of local convention appears to be manifesting as the prevention
Of the manufacturing of my tidal energy transmutation invention and since that is not my intention
In an effort to avoid causing any one any tension I may relocate my office in to some ones vacant attic
Where I hope to make the schematic more thematic and avoid causing any one any un-necessary static.

I perceive it as essential to try work up to my potential {lest I be rendered inconsequential}
I tend to gravitate towards the alphabetical and things considered merely theoretical,
I hope I'm not considered heretical for writing that recent editorial about what's sartorial,
I'm fascinated by things minerological {and some what bored with things just psychological}
I’d rather record more images photographic {as long as I don't ever again get stuck in any traffic}.

Rhymes are like dimes, some times I’m tempted to throw them all away,
In stead I'll try to add some of my new ones to this web site every day,
So when people read them to them selves they may, be tempted to say:
"I guess that’s what he does for play now that he no longer runs in a relay
Race" {I heard there’s only one of those, so now do you suppose
That we could go look at some more new clothes?
Or a nicer rose to lift us up, and above our lows?
Or may be see some wild does?
Or may be even a fawn? (Am I just a pawn?)
If so I hope I don't suddenly yawn or fall asleep out side on the lawn,
While the park ranger appears to be gone,
He might come back with an angry look on his face,
Gaining me nothing but a possible future court case,
So now I'm tempted to deploy a fishing net to get
A girl I haven't yet met, on that you can bet}
And I don't mind talking with hardly any one,
{As long as you're not affiliated with "Boba Fett" (that fictional bounty hunter)
[Did you know that on my high schools football team I was also our back up punter?]
May be I'll take a sunter through an open field [where tranquility could be revealed?]
With a kiss it might be sealed? A metal sword I will never wield [not even from a ship that's being keeled]
A fishing pole by me won't ever be reeled and my raw potato for dinner won't need to be peeled,
I don't want to ever have to carry a shield [in stead lets try our best to all heal and be healed]
From every thing that is detrimental [be cause to me it appears to be simply fundamental]
That there's no need to ever get sentimental [nor even the slightest bit temperamental]
So I'll try to be reverential [even when my word flow be comes just torrential]
To actualize my potential continued self improvement will probably be essential
[Am I the one they'll hire? Or just the one they'll call to inquire as to when I can come fix their flat tire?]}
May be I'll buy a lyre and try to use it to petition our sire?
{I would but I don't think my predicament is yetquite that dire}.

I intend to extend and send my refusal to contend or bend so I’ll just mend
My clothes and nose that burnt when I chose to repose so now some of my money goes to those
Who administer the "County" {oh how I wish I was a Canadian "Mounty"}
But I won't file a tort or fight from a fort I'll just allow them to deport... me back to My Am e
{That wouldn't be so bad (I wouldn't feel sad [I'd probably feel glad even if I have been "had"])}
But I think I'll wait to see how the women here perceive me {until then I'll simplea try to pay every fee}
This past winter it kept raining on me {so now my sleeping bag
(and all of those local bars) can’t get much wetter
[I hope they'll loosen this fetter] be cause I sure don’t
want to spend the rest of my life as
a perpetual debtor)}.

The weather has been great so I'm tempted to go out with a date who I'd never be rate,
I'd never run from a shared fate so let's conversate to relate before the hour gets too late,
If you need a body guard: I'll meet you at the gate, if you want a fitness coach: I'll lift another weight
If you want to have some fun: let's go roller skate, life isn’t chess but I still might try to: "check mate"
When it comes to your opinion of men, perhaps you could flatter me by telling me that I "rate"?

Hatred is a disease so please, let’s stop wasting time making and fighting enemies,
Must we make every nation on earth drop down to their knees and pay us yearly fees?
So they can continue to keep the keys to their family thrones (and what their nation rightfully owns)?
Be cause fighting with other divinities mutually reduces us all to dust and bones,
Wouldn’t life be better if instead it was full of friendship and ice cream cones?

Sad + mad = “smad” {I’d rather be glad or "rad" (but not "bad") I feel like I’ve been had (just a tad) so I'll pad, my expense account [but since I work for my self feel free to call me: “the Count”]} I’ll mount
 a nice bike {those I like (mines a trike)} still I won’t spike, your lemon ade {I get paid}
monthly for all of my injuries {but I won’t talk about those except to reveal that none is a dis ease}
so please don’t feel "ill at ease" I’ll pay all of our fees and even sail the seven seas
get stung by a swarm of angry bumble bees {but not fleas} in order to seize
us a beach front spot {it's a lot so I'll ro bot my way there when it's too hot (even sleep on a cot
[but not with dog named "Spot"] lest I feel motivated to be shot, by a fire arm [but not a needle]
I'd rather paint a scarab beetle on our bed rooms wall [that's when I am very tall]
so now I'm convinced that perception is to some degree situational
And that perceptions of "supremacy" are often just inter-relational)}.

Reading and writing can be fun {in side or out side in the sun} I think they're much better than picking up a gun {or attempting to fire a taser to stun} be cause when occupied with academic things most people seem to feel much less inclined to want to run {be cause suddenly there seems to be a lot fewer of any one (who want to frighten others or to be routinely feared [I think I'd rather be revered or endeared be cause it's certainly not my intention to ever cause any one else to ever feel "scared"])}.

I'm not feeling very ambitious so I'm tempted to eat something delicious yet nutritious
lest I begin to get superstitious but there's little chance of me acting vicious or pernicious
be cause I don't want to fight... I'd rather enjoy this beautiful night or book another air line flight
back to my island of delight where the ocean views are out of sight and for fun we daily fly a kite
as long as my cognition is architected just right be cause being mentally vexed is such a plight
it deprives me of my height so now I realize that I don't need to all ways be a man of "might"
apparently that is a very common delusion causing millions of us to exist in near total confusion
I hope no one receives a contusion be cause fighting for what's "right" is nothing but a delusion
That doesn't seem (to me) to really make any sense perhaps you can tell me: what (exactly) is the benefit of always "living" in past tense? I think that repeatedly interfering in to what is supposedly happening on the other side of that fence is alltoo often just a misguided attempt to put on a convincing pretense.

Despite what many of us have been led to conclude...
By cultural paradigms promoting the dangerously wrong attitude:
Violence is not a "solution" to the numerous problems that we face
Be cause it denies the truth that we are all members of the one and only hueman "race"
So let's never do (or say) any thing that might cause any ones blood to ever be spilled
And never validate the perspectives of any one who claims any one "should" ever be killed,
It doesn't matter if the mistake was mine, yours, or "theirs" let's just try to ignore all infuriating stares
Be cause I think we should be focusing on other much more important cares
Like helping to prevent the occurrence of any more real life night mares,
Be cause it is fear and pride that are destroying us all un awares,
Especially when we choose to reflect back up on threatening recollections of another
Such perceptions are merely a memory unlikely to repeat ever again there my brother,
Be cause when some one has angrily plotted to smother
Us they are suddenly weaker than ever be cause from the truth they did sever,
Be cause tolerance is the rule (here at work and there at school) even for those who seem eager
To engage us all in a duel... it's the instigators who are almost all ways reduced in personal power,
That is the rule through every day and every hour so don't let fear or pride sour or devour
Your happy reality (not even in mentality) in stead let's focus on improving our lives in actuality.

While growing up I latched on to every piece of good advice I could find, and one thing my best friends father advised us on more than one occasion was:

"If you don't ingest drugs, don't consume alcohol, don't gamble,
don't smoke cigarettes, and you work, you will be successful."

Even though he appears to have over looked the possibility of unforeseen injury (which is what has caused me to (as of yet) fail to manifest mytrue potential) I still have to agree with what he said, so in his spirit, here's a rap of mine that I hope conveys similar sentiments:

When envious don’t be devious then past lack can become previous,
Hold on to your integrity and you might be come a celebrity,
Abandon what’s spiteful, in stead let's try to be insightful,
Life isn’t supposed to be frightful it's supposed to be delightful,
And maybe even enjoyable as long as we all try to remain employable,
So let's obtain skills that are deployable and not easily destroyable,
Then we’ll be inimitable with possibilities unlimitable,
I suppose that’s a new word but to me it sounds preferred,
And I don’t mind preparing for a salary that is deferred,
Because: "Rome wasn’t built in a day", that is what some people say,
We'll be more likely to succeed if we work more than we play,
And do it every single day so in to laziness we don't stray
Else we might have to pray, to relay our basic needs to others
But who really wants to burden any of our new found sisters or brothers?
Be cause being too much of a burden some times just smothers, others
So if we can not get along then I will just simply move along,
Be cause some times we just have to be so strong,
Especially if we're convinced it's all of the "others" who are in the wrong.

If we want to be considered really "great" we should try our best to never, ever hate
And although some of us are struggling to overcome that bad habit to this date
Stooping to such ignorance makes it so much more difficult for us to relate
It's a symptom indicating that we've allowed our senses of pride to over inflate
And convinced ourselves that only we alone know everything that there is
Which is why I spend most of my time working on
The place where all of us supposed pirates hang around
And where my new raps, poems, photographs, and writings can usually be found
Where in the future I'm hoping to unveil a new musical sound
Lest I once again fall asleep outside on the ground
And the park ranger finds Boo Boo and I and drags us both away
So officer: please forgive me if I'm a thorn in your side yet again today
Because you know if I had a keytar I would surely play
And as uncharacteristic as it is for me to say
I may be tempted to abandon my previous desire to stay
But if you really need me to I'll work for this cities clean up crew yet again today.

Let's not assume (or presume) lest we consume and entomb our selves in side a room (but not a womb)
better to weave some cloth up on a loom... so let's not deceive (but perceive to believe in stead of bereave or heave) let's try to conceive, achieve, and interweave, so when we're finally done we can receive.

Let's not fight to night I think I'd rather write to delight and excite or bite a slight, bit of fruit
or buy a new suit with my loot I say: "the point is moot" so I’ll root, around in my book bag to find a mag,
a zeen I'm clean not mean or in be tween, a rock and hard place I gaze in to space to see a friendly face
no there's no need to carry mace, when I'm a round I just talk nicely and assailants fall to the ground
I think it’s the sound, of my voice it makes sad folks rejoice and see a new choice, for our collective future
so no one will need another suture, or stitch I’m not a witch, or war lock though I worship a clock like Doctor Spock and sit up on a rock to dock, a boat in a moat so it will float I'll tote, my books around
and don’t mind if I sleep on the ground even when "lost" my notes are found so I make a happy sound
when I’m around so no one gets a pound or is put in to a burial mound.

Rather than blaming individual people, instead let's find fault with what is inanimate and abstract,
That way we will only subtract and detract from the overly optimistic assumptions elucidated in the contract
Less conjecture and lecture of others might cause us to all be hated a little bit less here my brothers,
Because the law of unintended consequences amplifies everything we do and say beyond mere pretenses,
So let's provide references not inferences, so we'll feel less inclined to keep on building all of these fences.

Keep the faith, don’t become a ring wraith that will do anything for power or money,
Because such sociopathy isn’t even remotely funny, we’re all supposed to be in some way familially related,
So please don’t do, or say anything that could cause any one of us to become prematurely belated,
  Then one or both of some ones parents might again have to have to be artificially chemically sedated,
Wouldn’t you instead rather help some needlessly suffering people feel elated?
And earn a righteous income by making sure that their material and psychological needs are fully satiated?
There’s no need for anyone around here to feel berated or as if they’ve been too ruthlessly check mated,
As I stated, wouldn’t you rather be rated with those who are viewed by historians as "illuminated"?
Because hueman life is very precious, so let's never do any thing to ever waste it,
Wouldn’t it be better to plant a new olive tree so that when it bears fruit we can happily taste it?
Or assemble something resembling art out of construction paper and then diligently paste it?
The best thing about computers is that when a mistake is made no one needs to know that we erased it,
It's better than worrying that someone might say: “a police officer saw his face, and then maced it”,
Because unlike a car battery, once a life is expired we can’t simply say that we “replaced it”.

Let's keep on trying, there’s no need for lying, just because we’re frying on the flames of desperation,
Maybe all we need is a little more inspiration, some herbal sedation, or perhaps a faith reinflation,
As a brand new source of elation, so we can avoid all temptation,
Let's not resort to wrong ways but rather anticipate the days,
When we can finally relax and feel proud of what we’ve achieved,
Those are the kinds of rewards that have to be perceived to be believed,
So let's strive to create that which we hope will someday be received,
Until then here’s a song, to help us along, so we can stay really, really strong...
And avoid what we know is wrong, so we’ll always feel like we belong.

I'd rather be a hobbit than the next John Wayne Bobbit,
I'll patronize the bank every day so they'll know I'll never rob it,
When I throw batters a sales "pitch" you know I'll only lob it,
And if you want me to install a door in your place you know I can easily knob it,
With minimal tools, because I've been to five post high schools,
I try to obey all the rules and never engage anyone in any duels,
I guess you could say I easily tolerate fools,
Because it doesn't make any sense to me to resist against any more hueman mules,
Not even a "ducky donkey", because I just laughed the one time some body angrily called me a "honky",
And I didn't get rattled when someone threatened to shoot me with a gun,
I simply replied: "that doesn't sound like very much fun, instead let's just hang around and enjoy the sun,
here's no need for either of one us to suddenly feel the need to run."

When life is difficult, try to remember that "God" is inside of you as an ember of fire, a desire, a double edged sword to help you traverse the fjord that separates you from your goals, so you don't crash upon the shoals or be incinerated up on hot coals, we all have our appropriate roles whether we're aspiring avians or moles, in the unfolding collective drama so there's no need to complain to anyones "ma ma", one might be a born entertainer while another might be a natural "Lama": a Tibetan monk teacher preacher beseecher, encouraging us to find ourselves and our path, so we'll realize there's no need to feel full of wrath, instead let's be an empath or take some time to soak in a nice hot, soothing bubble bath, to relax from that recent disturbing fax about some supposedly past unpaid tax, such news is like sitting down on thumb tacks or doing extraneous jumping jacks, instead let's pick up a sax or buy and restore old classic Cadillacs, as long as no ones debit card reaches its max and we've got something healthy to eat for snacks, and we stay safe from terrorist attacks and random computer hacks, I'll be around attempting to record rap music on "wax" that hopefully can be used to help lift some burdens off of some peoples backs, teaching them right ideas using just the facts, so they won't be mislead by gangster rappers acts, because peace I was told is a salve, and love I think it attracts.

Don't get discouraged instead be encouraged,
We can still accomplish our goals, even if we first have to dig ourselves out of some holes,
And do our best to fulfill all of our lifes roles, even if we have to be reborn like baby foals,
So we can celebrate the times when we're able to dance around May poles,
Because life is so much more than what can be bought at any new trendy store,
It doesn't have to be a bore, and we don't always have to keep score,
So please stifle the urge to snore and I'll do my best to try to relay to you the score,
It seems as if it is the peaceful and loving that are ever always receiving,
What hateful and violent people never seem to be at all perceiving,
Which is universal transmissions of light and love frequencies,
Our very lives and health are sustained by those types of energies,
And undermined by their opposites, because hatred is an invisible subatomically destructive disease,
So just because we are be feeling "blue" doesn't give us the right to ever throw a shoe,
Or condemn or complain, because such lapses in self control stain,
Everybodies brain and cause so many people so much un-necessary pain,
What do we really gain when up on somebody elses parade we try to rain?
Wouldn't you rather ride on a freight train, or give someone sad a sweet candy cane?
Or fly around with me on an air plane... now don't you see that hatred and violence are just insane?
Is there really any need to further explain, wouldn't you rather instead stand tall like a Great Dane?
So you can admire the reflection you see of yourself in your minds clean, shiny new window pane?
Let's be nice, so everyone we meet will be happy to take a walk with us down memory lane.

It’s a waste of time hating (wouldn't you rather be dating and roller skating?)
In stead of berating (I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s tired of waiting)
Let's believe so we can achieve things we didn’t previously preconceive,
And never deceive so we'll be able to perceive what we can realistically give and receive,
Then we won’t need to grieve or bereave in stead we'll be able to achieve and interweave,
With others like a brand new shirt sleeve so let's try to ignore our "pet peeve”
  So we can all obtain what we need be cause every thing great starts off small just like a seed.

To our selves we are the world (but to most of the world we are no one)
Unless we're rich and famous (even then some body might try to frame us)
Then a government prosecutor might try to publicly defame us,
And the prison system would do their best to try to tame us,
After a witness did their best to try to point out and name us,
But what if some body makes a mistake and they accidentally arrest the wrong guy?
That's why I don't think it's intelligent to send any one to the electric chair to "fry"
Be cause if we're all so omniscient why do some people look up into the sky
For guidance or protection (or to simplistically call the sun "heavens eye"?)
So I'll happily say "hello"... but if you don't want me around I'll politely say "good bye"
Be cause all though life can be lonely I'm content to know that I'm adequately getting by,
And even if I'm not the man for you doesn't mean you should try to remove my eye,
Be cause I might need it in case you change your mind,
Or look around to see that there's no one else around here to find,
And I could use it (with the other one) if you suddenly need me to go husband hunting for you,
So please don't be so hateful or I might realize that there are other things I might suddenly rather do,
Like trying to psychically determine who in the future might try to sue me (or even you)
So let's try to get along but if that's not good enough then I'll gladly move along,
Be cause we're all supposed to be able to "disagree without being disagreeable"
And I'm sure not seeking to get into any confrontations that are foreseeable,
And even though I don't often get afraid when they're violent I'm happy when they're fleeable,
And I'm usually a very nice guy and my nature before I moved here was generally quite agreeable.

Life is wild when it's free styled, some get riled then police are dialed, it's okay if it's for a child
but no adult needs to be profiled, I'm just glad that no charges were filed, against them instead grab a stem, of a rose for her nose I suppose that's how it goes when the wicked wind blows through hedge rows
or across my toes I don't want any foes I'm happy when the angry one goes, no one needs new lows
 or to be stringing bows that habit shows why no one should impose or depose any one elses ruler,
to do so is a guaranteed war fueler creating new minions who suddenly aspire to be a dueler,
I think I'll stay a tertiary schooler mewler with my bike and slide ruler (can you think of any thing cooler?)

Drink lots of clean water that's what I'd tell my son or daughter,
If it's hot drink a gallon, when it's warm a half, or if it's cold ingest a quarter,
That's what I learned from the goddess Venus when I so enthusiastically sought 'er,
When she informed me that my consultation was through I politely left her a quarter and never fought 'er,
I don't rap to cause a stir but I have to confess that my favorite pine tree is a "fir"
When some people are very angry apparently they derisively call others a "cur"
When I'm approached in a disproportionate way I notice that some people call me "Sir"
I don't mind and I'd certainly never require it I'd rather see a child born and know that I did sire it
If I had a hearth you know nightly I would fire it
If a robot could do a humans job you know most would likely hire it
When I ride my bike through the wild my biggest fear is that I'll mire it
And if I ever get bored of any one of these songs you know I'll probably retire it.

You can do it (if you believe you can)
Though you may have to be come a greater man,
So formulate a plan before the race is ran,
Be come a creator, producer, or performer (when you’re finished being a fan)
Then you’ll be more likely to win than you were before you first began.

I’m as harm less as men are made and all I ever needed was to stay unburnt in the shade so please don’t try to fade, jade, or evade: me... I’m "paid" but not "made" so I collect and I trade, but it seems like it’s never enough be cause I all ways seem to want more and more electronic stuff so now I'm wishing I was once again "buff" so I won’t inhale a puff or watch another fable on cable... television (which I hold in absolute derision {it’s a decision to protect my inner vision in hopes of keeping my creative out put unique so that when I deign to write and speak I won't unintentionally emulate anyone elses squeak so I won’t even sneak a peek although I think it's evidence of me being weak, but since my goal is to be a sheik, it's absolute and total psychological autonomy that I seek}).

I was alone when I heard a ring tone from my telephone signaling the arrival of a pheromone,
It sounded some what monotonic (but I prefer them to be polyphonic {particularly when sonic}
So I poured myself another lime and tonic and felt somewhat sardonic
I prefer audible compositions more harmonic... isn't that ironic?)
So now I feel chronic, irritation at my lack of musical elation (I think I need a vacation)
Or may be some sort of sedation (but no more ego inflation {isn't that a revelation?})
May be it’s a new inspiration but I just want to see a celebration in every single nation
Resulting from a peaceful new way of relation in which no one resorts to any type of retaliation.

I’ve played most every sport now I’m tempted to build a fort, but not to attack (just to defend)
not to contend (or pretend {lest some one might end up "on the mend"}) I don’t intend to send or bend your ear I’ll lend, extend, or tend... bar... we’ll go far (but not in a car) may be on a shooting star? so please don't mar the tar use a raydar, detector to avoid the inspector don't become a defector but a friend
of the protector elector fine collector who might hector... you, if you drive recklessly drunk smelling like a skunk (don’t resist or you might end up "hog tied" in his trunk punk {at least he'll let you out alive [in some places the gangs won’t even do that and that’s no jive]}) so try to survive in your hive and strive to revive, your good nature so that some day you can help me engineer some new nomenclature.

The breeze is nice and cool yet most are still in school... I guess they must obey some body elses rule but as for me I’d rather be a “fool” and engage my self in another psycholinguistic duel, be cause the night is young and there are plenty of songs unsung right here on the tip of my tongue so let’s climb another rung, on the ladder to be a lion not an adder be cause that would just make her madder or sadder then we'll both over eat from a banquet platter and I don’t want either one of us to get any fatter or go completely insane like the “Mad Hatter” rendering some ones reputation a tatter or my raps only sounding like a clatter rather than an alley cats “pitter patter" (given the choice I think I’d much prefer the latter).

It's unwise to universalize, our personal physiognomic preference (as doing so is sure to cause offense) wrongly denying others their innocence... so let’s abandon all false pretense so we don’t have to prepare a self defense be cause life shouldn’t be so intense (isn't it simply common sense) to "treat others the way we would like to be treated"? be cause if we don’t we'll feel responsible for their feelings of being cheated (or mistreated) leaving both of our hopes for the future suddenly deleted so let’s make sure such mistakes aren't ever again repeated do we really have to be personally entreated to reinforce our false belief that we’re seated, above every one else on a royal throne? That doesn’t make us alone but it sure doesn’t set a very nice tone, for the local atmosphere so let's take some time to care so no one will have to live in a night mare be cause no one should have to live in fear and let's try to do our best not to scare, any one (wouldn’t you rather have some fun?) If so, let's abandon the gun and appreciate their son... then you won't feel as if you weigh a ton and some day you might even have your self one.

Life is difficult, now you know that is true, but just hang tough when it gets rough and you will make it on through, be cause there will be valleys and there will be peaks, but if you listen to your intuition: you will hear it speaks... through avians beaks (or mouses squeaks) warning you of leaks in your floating bubble for weeks, so take proactive steps to avoid trouble on the double lest some one have to look for you through the Hubble... telescope, don’t be a dope on a rope with no hope... in your self (or you’ll be an elf) others will have to lead (that happens often to those who drink mead and feed instead of read) try to upgrade a bad habit so you can be come a faster rabbit and when you see a karat you can nab it, before it disappears... let's open our ears, over come our fears and tears and repay all debts in arrears be cause insolvency sears even the strongest of bears burning our hairs burdening us with cares causing us to feel inexplicably fearful at prolonged stares... I think it's better to be frugal than to have to experience real life financial night mares.

Let's maintain our focus it’s not "hocus pocus" our mind is our locus, of control we need it whole
to reach our goal so let's know our role and not troll or roll, over like rover, can't play dead in bed one could lose their head in stead, let's work hard every day then when we're completely self sufficient we can play let's not relay, messages through others or we'll find our selves crowded by our new found brothers mothers, and let's maintain our psychological autonomy lest we only be socially visible through the tools of astronomy we'd also be wise to try to accept every body else around us regardless of their physiognomy.

I like to photograph flowers and once I rhymed for what felt like hours, so now I'd like to climb up up on some clock towers but not ever again during any thunder showers, be cause I'd prefer not to receive a shock while hearing that continual tick and tock, particularly if any one is tempted to mock, now I heard that some people dock, their computers to networks accessable by "I.S.I.S.", but I am of the opinion that that would be a "crisis", so I hope that my subsequent embarrassment suffices or I’ll feel compelled to buy everyone Italian Ices, with my check that’s "in the mail"... while earning it I’m a snail, but when spending it I rain money down like hail, which is why I only weekly wag my tail, and in business I'm assuming I won't fail to fill my financial pail, or I might feel tempted to publicly rail, against “the man" who originally crafted this socioeconomic plan, so when I finally buy a camper van I might plot to try to ban, every one of you from this: my web site, but then for which appreciative audience could I write? So I’ll just say “good night”, even though I think it’s early in the morning, early risers I am scorning... since the sentiment seems reciprocal, I think I’ll try to live with out any sleep at all, although such logic seems to me to be some what elliptical.

Regret would only get us up set so let's not let that set us back when met, with opposition let's maintain our position with precision, it’s an incision in side of our pride so confide, in no one to see it through and we will accomplish what we intended to do, though contended by some who pretended fences can be mended I don't believe that time frames have to be repeatedly extended or that goals have to be amended... or penalized our destinies must be realized so let's work towards them in a way that is optimized as if we're hypnotized it’s been surmised are you surprised? I have devised and advised ways to actualize and civilize, I don’t tell lies I hope my eyes do not display any guile be cause I haven't attempted to deceive any one in a very long while yet I’d still like to earn a big pile, of money so I can live in side where it's always sunny and local bees make fresh clover honey so my mother can look out our window to see the hip hopping of a (bugs) bunny so I don’t have time to argue with any men named “gunny” be cause to me shooting hueman beings isn’t even remotely funny, so perhaps we could in stead believe and conceive to promote mechanisms that will allow us (and others) to transcend ancient "isms" and divisions? I know it’s not easy so I hope my words make it feel a little breezy (but never sleazy) be cause words can influence minds so if I accomplish any thing may be one of them unbinds and winds gears in side some ones brain if not I won't complain or again gravitate away from every one on a jet plane be cause such long term rootlessness can cause pain through unintegrated memories that can remain like a stain.

I'm tired but I'll get inspired, be cause there’s no time to be retired or mired, let's not get fired instead let's get ourselves re hired, for rewards go to those who want and work for them the most, that is a fact known from coast to coast, so if we really want to be happy.... let's be realistic not sappy, then we’ll know what we need to do to focus our flames of desire, or buy a lyre if things are really seeming that dire, better a new skill to acquire than to daily burn alive upon a funeral pyre, if we want to take our elation higher let's increase the capacity of our brains neurochemical living wire and conspire, to grow more numerous and intricate neuronic connections that can conduct more and more frequent psychocognitive reflections, so we can command more and more detailed intellectual recollections and avoid every thing that could hurt our brain or cause any one any pain, be cause such things are self betraying defections, like my habitually consuming sugary confections... I’m convinced their ingredients fuel bacterial infections, subtly sabotaging my vocal inflections, under mining my ability to pass the strictest health inspections... relegating me to contemplating the possible results of future presidential elections... I think in stead I'd rather focus on achieving my own personal self perfections.

We down trodden seek relentless personal advancement, devoid of all selfish vain enhancement,
So let's determine to be our best be cause there’s little time for rest, and let's not be a pest,
Lest we be put up to a test like all the rest during our quest, then some one might request to inquest
Into our chest beneath a suddenly necessary bullet proof vest, prefer zest to have a little bit of fun,
Please don't shoot me with a gun or try to stun me with a tazer,
I think I'd prefer that you don't try to slit my throat with that there razor
Or ever again abuse me like a hazer simply be cause I tried to amaze ‘er.

Let's not hate those who hate be cause doing so would only deflate,
And destroy our effectiveness, causing us experience sudden distress,
And loss of interpersonal power every single subsequently miserable hour,
Is there a reason why they're climbing up and on to the top of that clock tower?

Psychic omniscience allows us to transcend all projected pre tense,
Lest some one unintentionally cause offense,
And find them selves having to orchestrate a defense...
Does that actually make any sense?
Instead let's meditate to seek our inner "light", which can lead us to the love within, away from sin,
So we can find some acceptance from above, and thus avoid the "darkness" of rejection,
Which might render un to us a pulmonary infection, causing yet another one of us to fall to self defection,
It's for your own protection, so please don't receive my ideas with sentiments of rejection,
Lest you have to commence an immediate reinspection of your souls infinitely inward reflection,
To cultivate the elation and appreciate needed to over come the sedation of deflation, and by doing so
Laying a foundation of inspiration up on which you can then build the motivation to power your machination
Of aspiration so some day we can escape through a nice long vacation to a more hospitable foreign nation.

Carbon dioxide utilized for beverage carbonation interferes with normal hueman respiration
Be cause that gas is physiochemical waste, added to many liquids to supplement the taste
But its ingestion makes it difficult for our bodies to conduct necessary intracellular chemical reactions
Causing lung ventricle contractions, breathing impactions, and other such self destructive reactions.

Love is from above like a dove, so let's not shove with a glove, especially if it’s black cause that’s whack,
Like ignoring a wounded pigeon, helping injured animals is part of my religion, it's not contrition but volition, Causing women cognition ignition, they're wishin' we would relax, those are facts I'll transmit through a fax
Or these lyrics on wax in new studio tracks, so there's no need for smacks or extraneous jumping jacks,
Nor thumb tacks on teachers chairs, don't ignite subconscious fears or relegate competitors to their lairs,
Just deflect malevolent stares at your facial hairs with out supernatural cares nor throwing house wares,
Up root tares, over come "double dares", dissipate your night mares, escape all enemies snares,
So they are the ones who wind up in tears, I'll socialize with grizzly bears, and never hate on "queers",
I'd rather shift mental gears to go, find, and eat some wild pears,
I speak this way out loud, with out getting furious or injurious,
It seems to make some people so very preternaturally curious.

Is my plan to be global noble or ignoble? I’m not sure but may be a woman has the cure? So I’ll endure and stay pure for sure... please don’t try to lure, me into a bar or I might have to drive your car unrealistically far after a shooting star, isn’t that just bizarre? I hope I make par if not I might have to buy an other cheap sports car or a guitar to char, its nylon strings I'll paint all over the colors of humming birds wings since it seems as if every musician I ever admired sings about happy things, so until I can do the same I'll merely consider carving some metal rings or supervising a little child on those brand new play ground swings.

I don’t want rye, chai, fungi, or apple pie in my focii
I would rather rely on just fruit and water to get by,
So please don’t cry... it births a stye... that’s a lie,
But I don’t need to get "high" so I said good bye,
To those who don’t try... I suppose that’s why some of us never die,
I've heard real "stars" aren’t found in the eye of any papa razzi guy,
So the only ones I admire are found "up" and out,
In to the infinitely deep and blackened night sky.

Let's project symmetrical visual symphonies,
Through images of chromatic tones recorded with mobile phones,
In videos, photos, and notes, of flowers, rhymes, and boats,
While wearing long black wool coats,
I'm not soliciting your votes just building wider moats.

In addition to those lyrics I wrote, and can rap and sing, I can also play conga and djembe drums, some keyboard, and may be available to perform to be recorded in your music studio, or to disc jockey your house party, night club, or special event from a recollective library of soul, funk, disco, rhythm and blues, electronic, reggae, dub step, rock, rap, jazz, blues, and hip hop ("rap") music through your, or your event venues, sound system.

If you would like to contact me to discuss either of those possibilities, feel free to click onto the "More" tab, at the far right hand side of the horizontal array of blue and yellow menu tabs, at the top of each page, and there you'll see an embedded form through which you can transmit to me a message.

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